Horus is the son of Osiris and Isis. He is most commonly seen as a falcon-headed man. He is also shown as a lion with a head of a falcon, or a sphinx.  It is almost impossible to recognize Horus’s true form because of all of the other forms he was described as.  Horus is a general term for a great number of falcons.

In all of his forms he is regarded as the prince of the gods. Tribes that invaded and then settled into Egypt brought the worship of Horus. He was their god of war. Horus was the protector and guide of the future pharaohs. The most popular story of Horus is the one where he avenges his father’s death and kills his uncle.

Horus is the God of the noontime sun. He is represented as a lion with the head of a hawk. He constantly fights with his uncle Set. He also fights with an army of darkness. He fights with that army so that the sun rises every morning.

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