The Book of the Dead

One of the best copies of the book of the dead was written in 1240 BC. This book is filled with pictures of Ani and his wife. The book shows them traveling through the land of the dead. It also shows them going to the halls of Ma’ati and beyond.

The book goes through spells used to be able to survive the afterlife.  The spells are to get him past the tests and judgment of the underworld. In the halls of Ma’ati, Ani’s heart is proven to be the weight of a feather.  Ani spoke the truth and escaped the jaws of Ammut.

The Gods welcome Ani, and Horus showed him to Osiris. If Ani recites the spells right he can pass through the doors and be in the domain of Osiris.  There is 20 pylons and at each one Ani has to recite a spell to continue on to Osiris.

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